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BuzzBandz Mix-n-Match 12 packs


BuzzBandz are the BEST theme shaped bandz in the marketplace! Why? Our bands are stronger, BIGGER and thicker - clean and safe!  They are more creative, fun and just like the highly popular silly bands.

BuzzBandz, or silly bands are made of 100% silicone, are non-toxic and hypo allergenic. The silicone used when creating our many shaped rubber bands do not contain toxic chemicals and do not contain latex.

A brief education about silicone to our concerned silly bands and Buzz Bandz buyers: Silicone is basically made up of silicon, a natural element present in sand, quartz and rock, which, after oxygen, is the most abundant element on earth.  Silicon is transformed into silicone when combined with oxygen, carbon and hydrogen.  Because it is an inert material, it does not react with food or beverages, or produce hazardous fumes.

These theme shaped rubber bands, or silly bands as most people call them, came into the custom silicone wristband marketplace and took it by storm!  Silly bands were the hottest craze since the pet rock!  Kids and adults of all ages wore the popular themed shaped bracelets.  Companies, business, charities, student groups and sports teams use these popular bands for a variety of reasons.  Fund raisers, promotional items, church missions - the possibilities are endless with these theme shaped rubber bands, or silly bands and most people call them!

We offer custom designed BuzzBandz and YES there is a minimum order.  Custom BuzzBandz can be created in any shape, color or design - neon colors, glitter, glow in the dark, tie dye, etc.  BuzzBandz are used for give-aways, gifts, fund raisers, vending machines ... retailers can't keep them in stock!  The demand is HOT and there is so much BUZZ about this fashion trend that marketers predict this fashion accessory to be a million dollar industry, and they were right!  To order custom BuzzBandz simply email or call us for a quote.

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Quantity Prices(Per Bands)
1-9 $1.48
10-25 $0.98
26-50 $0.88
51-100 $0.78
101+ $0.63