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Band Wristbands

Band bracelets, or custom wristbands were popularized in 2004 when the Lance Armstrong Foundation started to sell the yellow LIVESTRONG bracelet to raise funds for cancer research. Originally, these band wristbands were used to promote new products and awareness campaigns, however these silicone wristbands were also used as fashion accessories. For example, red bracelets are often used in February for Valentine's day for people in love with custom messages that read: “Everlasting love” or “I Love you”. But nowadays, popular bands use custom wristbands for all types of events, performances and promotional ideas.

Lance Armstrong’s idea of selling custom silicone bracelets to provide funds for his foundation was a huge worldwide success. This simple yellow wristband became a powerful tool to support cancer research in the United States. A valid reason that explains the huge popularity of band wristbands is their ability to have messages printed in a variety of ways to signify something important to different people. Band wristbands have become an emotional item since the LIVESTRONG wristbands were introduced many years ago. The custom wristbands represented the hardships that Lance Armstrong lived though to defeat testicular cancer. Today, silicone bracelets are still used for health campaigns around the world and even more often for social statements, specific purposes or causes.

Silicone band wristbands are made of a flexible and durable material which allows them to be produced in many patterns and colors. There are several types of silicone band wristbands available. One style is the debossed custom wristband that displays the letters engraved on the silicone band. Another style, the embossed bracelet displays raised lettering on the silicone bracelet the same way the letters of a credit card or license plate on a vehicle are displayed. The process of manufacturing these two types of silicone band wristbands is very simple. A cast iron mold is used to create the message and logos on the bracelet. The silicone material is melted at 200 degrees Celsius to fill the spaces of the mold. Different colors can be combined so that segmented, swirled, and marble colored band bracelets can be created. A third style of custom band wristbands is the silk screen printed custom wristbands. Logos, letters and custom clip art is screen printed on the silicone band, like a screen print on a custom t-shirt. A template or silk screen is used for creating the message and special dyes are used for the screen printing process. These custom silicone band wristbands can be worn by people of all ages. Many organizations, groups, foundations and non profits are ordering custom silicone band wristbands to promote their causes, campaigns or missions. Many people feel captivated by the eye-catching appearance of silicone band bracelets so they wear them to show their support or commitment to a certain humanitarian cause. Other groups like sports teams, musical groups, bands, politicians, actors, etc. may use the popular band bracelets for similar purposes. The variety of colors and designs is what makes custom silicone wristbands so popular and everlasting. They are durable, inexpensive and make a profound statement. People across the globe are attracted by the vivid colors of custom silicone bracelets, as well as the importance of the message displayed on a custom silicone bracelet or band wristband. These custom bracelets are very effective to convey messages concerning significant causes, ideals, purposes, missions, or simply to make a statement. Show your support and ORDER your custom band wristband. do