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Charity Bracelets

Many times online customers become overwhelmed with all the information that is available about charity bracelets. These custom silicone bracelets used for charitable purposes are such a great way to raise funds. But how do you decide message or statement you want to make? There are many things that can be said about custom charity bracelets, it is important to clarify the different types of custom silicone bracelets that many non profit groups or organizations offer.

There are essentially four types of custom silicone bracelets: debossed bracelets, embossed bracelets, silk printed bracelets, and color filled bracelets. The first kind of custom silicone bracelet is known as the debossed bracelet. This is the most common type of custom silicone bracelet used by companies, groups and organizations. The yellow LIVE STRONG charity bracelet is one example. The lettering, text or logo in cut into or onto the custom silicone bracelet so the message never wears off. The next style of custom silicone bracelets used for charity is the the embossed custom silicone bracelet. Embossed means the letters in your custom message are raised on your custom silicone bracelet. Embossed charity bracelets are created by using a steel mold to custom make your charity bracelet.

The third most popular type of custom silicone bracelets is the screen printed option. This is an excellent choice if you are looking for uniqueness and economy. Screen printed custom silicone bracelets are sometimes less expensive than other options of charity bracelets. Since there is not mold cost, the cost of production for the screen printed type of custom silicone bracelets is often the lower than the debossed or embossed charity bracelets. They are cheap since there is no steel mold for screen printing the message on the custom silicone wristbands. Instead, a template or screen print is used to print the messages on a custom silicone wristband or charity bracelet. This method of screen printing messages on custom silicone bracelets has improved in the recent years since more elaborated and fine dyes are used in the screen printing process. The messages and logos do not easily fade, similar to the same process used for printing messages on custom screen printed t-shirts.

The fourth type of silicone wristband is the same debossed bracelet but the letters are filled with a different color. This style is called color filled custom wristbands or charity bracelets. In this case, the letters are filled in with custom silicone colors on the custom silicone wristband are charity bracelet. The lettering is highlighted so the message stands outs from the custom silicone wristband. The messages on the charity bracelet or custom silicone wristband are easy to read. Advertising and promotional companies LOVE these type of charity bracelets or custom silicone wristbands. They are GREAT for for special advertising products or services, or special events or happenings. In general, there is always a matter of personal preferences when it comes to selecting the features of a charity bracelet or custom silicone wristband. A company will probably offer super discounts when you order a charity bracelet or custom silicone bracelet in bulk. You can create your own custom silicone wristbands with the logo of your company, organization, club, or sports team. You can also sell these charity bracelets or custom silicone wristbands to provide funds for your cause or campaign. These custom silicone wristbands can be easily distributed to people to raise awareness about important issues, causes or needs. Cancer AIDS, racism, Autism are many important causes that need help in raising awareness and bringing attention the mission and purpose of the cause or campaign hosted by a non profit or charitable organization. With charity bracelets, it is a quick and easy way to spread a specific message to people around the world. What other ways can you reach the many people around the world that are interested in your mission, purpose or cause? Buzzbandz can help you for any reason, season, mission or cause! Order on line or give us a call: 1-800-343-9518.