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Custom Wristbands

Custom wrist bands are a fun, easy and profitable way to raise money in a short period of time.  People have tried a car wash, bake sales, cookies sales, lemonade sales, and just about anything else you can imagine when it comes to fundraising strategies.  People need and want something tangible for their money; a way to show their support for a cause.  Many fundraising efforts require a lot of hard work with very little chance of big profits in return.

BUZZBANDZ takes pride in offering the highest quality custom wrist bands on the net and offers the FASTEST TURN-AROUND and QUICKEST DELIVERY time of any company on the Internet!

For many years there was a need for a new and unique idea when it came to raising money for events, non profits and charities.   It was for this very reason that a tremendous amount of success has been made with custom wrist bands.   Unlike car washes, bake sales, cookies sales and lemonade sales, there is no need to get your hands dirty with custom wrist bands.   The ordering process is very simple!  And the cost of custom wrist bands is so minimal that any group, team or organization can expect big profits!  Ordering custom wrist bands from our company, Buzzbandz is quick, easy and fast!  And you can have your custom wrist bands from Buzzbandz produced and shipped in 24 hours!  (additional fees apply).

No matter if you are raising money for a charity or a football team, custom wrist bands has become the easiest, simplest and least expensive way to raise funds fast!   Custom wrist bands are used for a large variety of reasons and with our quick turn around, Buzzbandz won't keep you waiting on your order of custom wrist bands. For over 20 years, custom wrist bands have been used for just about any purpose, cause or need you can imagine.  Get your custom wrist bands today!  Need help ordering?  Call Buzzbandz toll free 1-800-343-9518