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Reminder Bracelets

Reminder bracelets have been utilized in various ways for a multitude of campaigns and awareness efforts.   For instance, the Lance Armstrong Foundation has sold more than 70 million reminder bracelets to date.  The LIVESTRONG silicone bracelet has been popular for many years and is the first silicone reminder bracelet to start the silicone wristband craze.  The Lance Armstrong foundation raised more than $55 million dollars to support cancer research.   This genius marketing tool was a great idea since people like to wear reminder bracelets and show their support for cause, need or reason.  Reminder bracelets are a cool and unique way for girls and guys alike to make a statement about what is important to them.  This is a BIG bonus to companies, organizations, non profits, religious groups and any kind of special event or festival.  This inexpensive marketing and promotional item is one way to engage your participants or supporters.

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Many foundations and other non profit organizations constantly use this reminder bracelets to raise money for their specific cause.  Example, some foundations have designed a pink reminder bracelet to raise awareness of breast cancer.  Many organizations wear, or sell these pink reminder bracelets in the month of October, Breast Cancer Awareness month.  Other groups use silicone reminder bracelets to promote unity, reject any sort of racial discrimination in schools, sports teams and religious groups.  Families of the armed forces,  designed a camouflaged reminder bracelet to support our troops.  Reminder bracelets have been used to raise money and awareness for so many different causes.  Small organizations and institutions such as schools and college sports teams, high school sports teams, etc.  have raised a tremendous amount of money from the sale of custom silicone reminder bracelets.  Many public schools have sold custom silicone reminder bracelets with messages that encouraged sense of belonging and school pride.  The funds raised from these reminder bracelets were invested in additional school programs, to purchase playground equipment, buy books, etc.  Even college basketball and football teams have sold custom reminder bracelets with the colors of their team in order to raise needed funds to buy new uniforms and sports equipment.  Reminder bracelets are inexpensive to produce in large quantities as compared with other types of promotional accessories.  These reminder bracelets can be purchased for such a low cost, it increases the profit to the seller of these reminder bracelets.  Reminder bracelets cost is so low, you can't afford not to purchase!  Buying and selling reminder bracelets is an excellent way to raise money.  Think about it, how else can you reach the masses in a short amount of time?  High school groups, the congregation at locals churches, your email list of family, friends and neighbors, the opportunities are endless.  Facebook, Twitter, little league groups - the list goes on and on!  Considering other methods of fundraising such as selling lemonade, fast food in special events, pens, mugs, etc., it is clear that reminder bracelets or custom or silicone custom wristbands is a quick and easy option to making big bucks!  In the case of fundraising campaigns, awareness and outreach efforts, reminder bracelets can be used by the members of the organization to convey the message or purpose and win new members and draw in supporters for their cause.  Reminder bracelets may exceed your expectations when they are marketed or promoted correctly.  Get in on the custom reminder bracelet craze and order yours TODAY!