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Rubber Awareness Wristbands

It has been several years since the popular LANCE ARMSTRONG rubber awareness wristband craze. Did you know LIVESTRONG bracelets sold over 40 million bracelets across the globe? That is more than 10% of the total population in the United States! Not only was the Lance Armstrong LIVESTRONG foundation highly successful in raising funds and promoting their cause, they paved the way for other companies to join the the mission to spread the word about awareness for a variety of causes. Breast cancer foundations sell pink rubber awareness wristbands, sold primarily in the month of October, Breast Cancer awareness month. Their breast cancer walks and breast cancer events sell millions of pink awareness wristbands to promote and support their cause to raise awareness about breast cancer.

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Another very success awareness campaign was the "Support our Troops" rubber awareness wristbands. You will see awareness wristbands almost everywhere and anywhere. These awareness bands are now available in a variety of styles, colors and shape and also available as a bracelets. These custom awareness wristbands are used in patriotic businesses and nonprofit organizations to fundraise for their company, group or organization. Putting aside these companies, and if you recall the craze that the LIVESTRONG wristbands caused, it started a fad that is still very, very popular today.

Small music bands create their own rubber awareness wristbands with the name of their band on the custom bracelet. Music bands add their logo, message and design to promote their group. They sell them as a promotional item and to raise money. Even small agencies, especially non-profit also benefit from selling custom wristbands. An organization that helps children, but cannot afford to spend a tremendous amount on marketing their service, could use rubber awareness wristbands to advertise their service. A high-school basketball team needs money for jerseys and uniforms and raises money for the team by selling custom silicone bracelets with their school team logo and colors on the rubber awareness wristbands. Kids sell awareness bands to support their team and show school spirit, around school campus, in the community and to other groups and non profits. Think about it, not only for the procurement of funds, but to promote the team as well.

Rubber awareness wristbands can be purchased very cheap, about $ 0.55 cents each for 500 pieces, or about $ 0.45 cents for 1000 pieces, or less. They can easily be sold for $2 to $3 each, some market these awareness bands 5 dollars per each. Thin of the profits!! Sales of 500 bracelets at $3 each will create a profit of over $2.45 U.S. dollars for each customized rubber awareness wristband - that's a grand total profit of $1,225. An excellent profit margin and the perfect way to promote awareness, raise the much needed funds for your group or organization all while promoting your team, product or service! The perfect promotional product. No more lemonade stands, cookie sales or wrapping paper ..... custom rubber awareness wristbands are so simple and easy to make, market and sale ... no need to cook, need to cook, rent a both or organize an event that can be expensive ... customized rubber awareness bands are the way to go! Get started today and promote your purpose, reason or cause and show your team spirit by supporting your group or organization! Get friends, family members and co workers to join your mission and increase awareness with a custom awareness wristband.